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Inner Tree Media
Inner Tree Media
  • Cultivating creativity.
    ​One story at a time.

    Commercially viable, cinematically crafted stories that are rooted in humanity.



"When we started ITM, we wanted it to feel like holding dirt in your hands.

​You don't know why it feels good, but it just does."

John Caliendo & Victoria Meade, a married couple from NJ, started ITM in 2021 after self-producing a short film during the height of the pandemic. Together, they bring a combined 20+ years of entertainment industry experience to each project. They met at Montclair State University doing theatre and since then have worked in many different roles, on both sides of the camera. Victoria is an actor, model, producer and marketing professional. John is an actor, director, colorist, cinematographer and composer. These unique backgrounds contribute to bold choices that create story driven entertainment.

In this current state of "fast food content", ITM's credo is: "Make less. Do it better."


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